“Skillful cellist was on the stage like a rock star.
Her voice is extremely bright and strong.”
– Risto Kolanen, Kallio Magazine, comment on performance in Restaurant Kapsäkki Helsinki 6 June 2019


Iiris Tarnanen is a musician and music educator living in Helsinki. Iiris works as a performer, composer and teacher. Her main instruments are the cello and the voice.

Iiris’ music is creative, in-depth and expressive. Her perfoming has been described shameless, entertaining and profound.

As a teacher Iiris wants to involve and inspire her students. She encourages everyone to enjoy life through music and art!



THE DAY I WAS BORN crowd funding campaign has ended. We got altogether 37 donations and 2 525 euros to fund the production of Iiris’s debut album.

The recordings are done during the fall 2019 and spring 2020. The album will be released in Autumn 2020.