THE DAY I WAS BORN / Eclipse Music 2021


Each day we are born again: We breathe in, we lean towards and take a step. We may tumble and fall, but then we rise up in one way or another, and take a new breath.

The Day I Was Born – the debut album of Iiris Tarnanen is inspired by the journey of life. Tarnanen’s compositions draw on themes from self-empathy to inner devils and new beginnings. Touching stories, shameless attitude and strong emotions are all communicated through the music, brought to life on this versatile album.

The album is recorded and produced in collaboration with:
University of The Arts Helsinki, MES, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Mesenaatti crowd funding campaign
Mikael Hakkarainen, Elisa Härmä, Tuomas Haimakainen, Timo Alakotila, Venla Ilona Blom

Musicians of the album:
Christopher Rodulfo, Mirva Tarvainen, Tuuli Malve, Satu-Maija Aalto, Beltrán Cubel Gajas, Mikko Patama, Lotta-Maria Pitkänen, Saija Hostikka, Tero Bombero, Pauliina Kauppila, Martin Åkesson, Sara Puljula, Ilkka Arola, Timo Alakotila & Iiris Tarnanen.

The album is sold and distributed by:
Eclipse Music

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